What is iGaming: a Guide for Advertisers and Affiliates

November 11, 2023

iGaming is a big and important industry with an estimated net worth of over $60 billion. Besides being a fun way to spend time, iGaming can also be a way to make serious money. This is what we’ll focus on in this article.

If you’re someone who enjoys playing games like online poker for fun, that’s great! Just remember to do it  responsibly.

But in this article, we’re talking about the business side of iGaming. It’s for people who want to make money in this industry, not necessarily own a casino, but market iGaming to a larger audience worldwide.

What is iGaming and How Does it Work?

iGaming (Internet Gambling) is sometimes known as online gambling or betting. This industry has grown in popularity in recent years, thanks partly to its convenience.

Because so many people now own smartphones and laptop computers, it is easy to access online gambling sites from anywhere. And with apps that allow you to play for real money, you don’t even have to leave your house.

Popular iGaming activities include:

  • Online Casinos
  • Online Poker
  • Sports Betting
  • Lotteries and Bingo
  • Live Dealer Games
  • Mobile Gambling
  • Roulette
  • Skill-based game betting
  • BlackJack
    … and many other games.

Regulatory Landscape and Compliance

Understanding the regulatory environment is crucial in the iGaming industry. Regulations vary significantly from one country to another, ranging from strict prohibitions to well-defined legal frameworks. Advertisers and affiliates must stay informed about the legality of iGaming activities in their target markets to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

Current Trends and Challenges

  1. Trends:
    1.  Mobile Dominance: The shift towards mobile gaming continues, with a significant portion of iGaming activity occurring on smartphones and tablets.
    2. Live Dealer Games: The popularity of live dealer games is on the rise, providing a more cool and interactive experience for players.
    3. Cryptocurrency Integration: The acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a form of payment is becoming more prevalent, catering to a tech-savvy audience.
  2. Challenges:
    1. Following the rules can be tricky. The laws and rules keep changing, so you need to always pay attention and be ready to adjust.
    2. Competition: Many companies want players’ attention in the iGaming market. It’s like a big race! To stand out, you need to be different and use really good marketing strategies.
    3. Responsible Gaming Initiatives: Being careful and fair in gaming is really important. It’s crucial to follow the rules and make sure everyone trusts and believes in what you’re doing.

The size of the global online gambling and betting industry amounted to 61.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. This has been forecast to rise to 114.4 billion U.S. dollars by 2028, representing an increase of just over 86 percent.

Why should you market iGaming offers? What are the benefits of promoting iGaming deals?

The iGaming vertical offers a number of attractive factors for advertisers and affiliates:

  1. Profitable Earnings: iGaming is a multi-billion-dollar industry with frequent and loyal users. This enables advertisers and affiliates to make considerable profits. 
  2. Diverse Audience: iGaming appeals to a wide range of people, from casual players to dedicated bettors, providing a broad target audience for marketing efforts.
  3. High Conversion Rates: iGaming often experiences high conversion rates, meaning a significant number of users who visit iGaming platforms end up engaging with the offers.
  4. Strong Retention Rates: Engaging content, bonuses, and loyalty programs contribute to great customer retention, creating long-term revenue streams.
  5. Global Reach: iGaming has a global presence, allowing advertisers and affiliates to reach audiences across different regions and markets.
  6. Innovation and Technology: The iGaming industry is known for its continuous innovation and integration of cutting-edge technology, offering opportunities for creative marketing approaches.
  7. Adaptability: The industry is adaptable and responsive to new trends and technologies, providing flexibility for marketers to adjust their strategies.
  8. Affiliate Programs: iGaming often offers robust affiliate programs, providing additional revenue streams for marketers who promote these offers effectively.
  9. Potential for Long-Term Success: When approached strategically and responsibly, promoting iGaming offers can lead to long-term success and sustainable revenue generation.

What is iGaming Affiliate Marketing?

iGaming is a thriving industry where affiliates promote online betting platforms and receive a commission for their work. These platforms consist of online casinos, poker rooms, and sports betting sites. As an affiliate, you direct potential players to these platforms through your marketing efforts, such as content marketing, SEO, email campaigns, and more. As a partner, your earnings are usually based on the revenue generated by referred players, their deposit amounts, or simply the number of contacts you refer. This industry is exciting and requires knowledge of both online marketing and regulations within gambling.

Payout Models in iGaming Vertical

In the affiliate marketing industry you earn commissions by promoting affiliate offers – but the money you’ll earn can vary a lot depending on your payout model.

There are lots of payout models, and here’s the ones we recommend for iGaming offers:

  • Revenue Share (RevShare): This model is often used by affiliate networks and is very popular for iGaming offers. You’ll receive a fixed percentage of the total profit of the site, made by the customers you brought.
  • Cost Per Action (CPA): This is one of the most common payment methods in this industry, and lets you earn a commission each time the user performs a specific action, which is specified by the affiliate network. It is important not to perform clickbaiting actions in order to maintain good-quality leads.
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL): In a CPL campaign, the affiliate is paid for every lead they send to the advertiser. This could be a player who registers for an account or downloads the casino software, and signs in for the first time.

How is affiliate marketing helping iGaming companies?

Affiliate marketing is helping iGaming companies in several ways:

1. Generating leads and driving traffic to their websites.
2. Increasing brand visibility and awareness in the market.
3. Improving customer acquisition and retention rates.
4. Providing a cost-effective marketing strategy for iGaming companies.

Ready to Step Up Your Game?

Are you ready to step up your game in the exciting world of iGaming affiliate marketing? Then, it’s time to equip yourself with the right tools. iGaming is one of the most popular niches where push notifications are used. ROIads offers high-quality converting  push traffic for iGaming offers and our managers will gladly share the most profitable sources for your offers!


The iGaming industry provides numerous chances for advertisers and affiliates. To navigate this industry and take advantage of its great possibilities, advertisers and affiliates need to know the regulations, stay up-to-date on trends and utilize effective marketing techniques.

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