ROIads Guide: How to Launch  Successful Push Campaign

October 09, 2023

Want to launch a successful push campaign but don’t know where to start? Great, we’re here to help you!

ROIads aims to maximize advertisers’ and affiliates’ return on investment (ROI). By continuously growing our subscriber and user base, we ensure a steady stream of fresh and engaged prospects for advertisers to connect with.

ROIads at a glance:

  • Reach: 600 million+ impressions monthly
  • GEO: 150 countries
  • 1 ad format: Push Ads
  • Market Segment: Advertisers and affiliate marketers

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to launch a successful push campaign using ROIads, ensuring optimal results and maximum return on investment (ROI).

A step-by-step guide to launching a campaign

Сonsult your expert

ROIads offers full-management from the start and our specialists will help with:

  • Guide you through launching process;
  • Choose profitable verticals and combinations;
  • Make creatives for your ads;
  • Share traffic insights and whitelists for your offer;
  • Recommend a profitable GEO or create the list of several GEOs you should start from.

Make creatives

You can add up to 10 creatives per campaign. We highly recommend uploading 5 creatives at least to do A/B testing, so you can see which designs perform best. This helps you improve the campaign and get more clicks (increase CTR) in the future.

Each creative contains the link, title and message (the same as the description).

If you don’t have creatives or would like to use new ones, contact your account manager and our experts will create a package of creatives specifically designed for your campaign for free.

Identify the demographics of your audience

ROIads offers precise targeting based on country, city, or specific districts. Initially, we recommend selecting the entire country. Later, you can fine-tune and prioritize specific locations based on performance. This way, you can allocate more resources to regions that show higher conversion rates.

Keep in mind that 1 campaign = 1 GEO. If you want to add several GEOs, you’ll have to create several campaigns as well.

Choose technology targeting options

When setting up a push campaign, you’ll have the option to select the device, OS, browser and connection type on which you want your push notifications to be delivered.

We recommend creating a separate campaign for each device, this will help you to see which ones perform better.

Set budget and CPC (cost per click) bid

When indicating your cost per click bid, ROIads displays the recommended CPC based on your target country. You can use our recommendation or consult your account manager for advice, as the clicks’ prices vary in different regions.

  • The minimal CPC – $0.003
  • Setting up CPA GOAL helps your campaign to get more converting traffic that will meet your cpa goals. This tool works only if you have set up a postback URL. For example, if your CPA Goal is $5, the platform will eliminate for your campaign all sources that exceed your goals.
  • Navigating the budget in media buying can be difficult, especially for beginners. We advise setting budget limits at a minimum of $25 per day and choosing Asap to get traffic whenever you have a winning bid.

Schedule your campaign

Setting up a schedule in a campaign allows you to control when your ads are shown to your target audience. This can be particularly useful for timing your advertising efforts to reach your audience when they’re most likely to be active and receptive.

Set your ad frequency

Ad frequency directly impacts how potential customers engage with your campaign. Too few impressions may result in low brand recall, while too many may lead to audience annoyance or fatigue. Striking the right balance is key to maximizing campaign performance.

Here we suggest consulting your account managers as they will help to utilize this tool to maintain a balanced exposure level.

Use advanced settings

While basic settings lay the foundation, advanced configurations empower advertisers to fine-tune their campaigns for optimal performance.

In advanced settings you can set up:

  • Carrier targeting
  • Browser Language targeting
  • Timetable
  • Sources whitelist / blacklist
  • Micro bidding
  • IP whitelists / blacklists

Set up a postback URL to track conversions

A postback URL is a mechanism used to send conversion data back to your advertising platform or tracking system. It provides real-time data on conversions, allowing you to make timely adjustments to your campaigns for maximum impact.

We highly recommend setting up a postback URL as you will gain the ability to track, measure, and optimize your campaigns with precision.


With the right strategy, push traffic can be a great success for advertisers. As you embark on your push traffic journey, keep ROIads close at hand and we will help your campaigns  drive meaningful results!

October 09, 2023

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