On the Go or at Your Desk: Mobile vs Desktop Traffic

October 26, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of affiliate marketing, one of the most critical decisions affiliates face is where to focus their efforts: desktop or mobile traffic. Both platforms offer unique advantages and challenges, and understanding the peculiarities of each can be the key to affiliate marketing success. In this article, we will explore the differences between desktop and mobile traffic, providing valuable insights for affiliates to make informed decisions.

Device Dominance in Global Internet Usage

In 2016, the number of mobile internet users surpassed the number of desktop users, marking a significant milestone in the digital sphere. For many affiliates this shift has challenged them to master both formats.

As of April 2023, there were 5.18 billion internet users worldwide, which amounted to 64.6 percent of the global population. About half of all internet browsing happens on mobile devices. In early 2023, mobile devices (not counting tablets) made up 58.33% of all global website visits.

Using the internet on phones has become really common and liked in recent years. This is because smartphones are easier to get and more affordable now. Mobile devices can be taken anywhere and used at any time, that’s why many affiliates prefer to target mainly mobile devices as there is more possibility for them to monetize traffic.

Let’s compare specialties of mobile and desktop push traffic to empower affiliates in making informed decisions for their campaigns.

Mobile Push Traffic: The Power of Pocket-sized Engagement

Mobile push traffic has revolutionized the affiliate marketing landscape, offering affiliates unparalleled access to billions of active smartphone users worldwide.


  • Sheer Volume: Mobile traffic dominates in terms of sheer numbers. With billions of smartphone users worldwide, it offers access to a massive and continuously growing audience.
  • Instant Accessibility: Mobile devices are with users around the clock, making them an ideal platform for instant user engagement.
  • Personalization and Segmentation: Mobile push notifications allow for highly personalized messages based on user behavior, preferences, and demographics, significantly increasing conversion potential.
  • High CR: Mobile ads often occupy a significant portion of the screen, sometimes up to 80%, while desktop ads don’t cover as much space. Because of this, mobile ads tend to grab more attention and lead to higher conversion rates.
  • Wide targeting options: Including connection type and carrier targeting.
  • Unique Offers: Mobile campaigns offer a broader selection of models beyond the usual ones, including CPI, SMS subscription, and other distinctive options.
  • Exclusive verticals: Affiliates have the opportunity to promote campaigns from distinctive areas like carrier billing, mobile apps, and PIN submits.

Desktop Traffic: The Battle of the Screens

While mobile devices dominate in terms of sheer numbers, desktop push traffic offers a unique set of advantages, particularly for specific demographics and contexts.


  • User Experience and Engagement: Desktop users tend to have a longer attention span and are more likely to engage with content deeply. They may be more ready to explore your website, read in-depth articles, and make higher-value purchases.
  • Multitasking and Research: Desktop traffic often represents users who are engaged in research or multitasking, making them ideal for affiliate offers that require in-depth consideration or comparison shopping.
  • Conversion Rates: Due to the more focused nature of desktop browsing, conversion rates for certain products and services, particularly high-value or complex ones, can be higher compared to mobile.
  • Specific Time Windows: Desktop traffic may peak during typical office hours, affecting the timing and scheduling of campaigns.

Navigating the Affiliate Landscape: Choosing the Right Platform

Mobile or desktop, that’s the question! Both mobile and desktop push traffic stand out as important channels. Success depends on strategic decision-making, tailored content, and a deep understanding of user behavior.

  • Demographic Considerations: Consider the demographic profile of your target audience. Mobile traffic may be preferable for younger, on-the-go users, while desktop traffic might be more suitable for professionals or specialized audiences.
  • Content Strategy: Consider the type of content you produce. Long-form articles and in-depth guides may perform better on desktop, while concise, mobile-friendly content is essential for capturing the mobile audience.
  • Content Formats: Tailor your creatives to suit the strengths of each platform. Rich media may be more impactful on desktop, while concise, attention-grabbing messages may work better on mobile.
  • Responsive Design: Ensure that your creatives are optimized for different screen sizes and resolutions to guarantee a seamless user experience.
  • Adaptation and Testing: Continuously monitor your traffic sources and adapt your strategies accordingly. A/B testing can help determine which platform is more profitable for your specific niche and offers.


Desktop and mobile traffic each offer unique opportunities and challenges for affiliates. Success in affiliate marketing hinges on understanding the characteristics of your target audience, tailoring your strategies accordingly, and staying adaptable. Rather than choosing one over the other, consider how to leverage both desktop and mobile traffic sources to maximize your reach and revenue. In a rapidly changing digital landscape, affiliates who are agile and responsive to user behavior will ultimately thrive.

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